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Thread: RR and iGuidance

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    RR and iGuidance


    I am new to the CarPC thing. Though I have been working on it and trolling around here getting some ideas and starting my project. I chose to go with Road Runner as my frontend, and chose iGuidance as my GPS solution. One of the problems I have, and have not found a solution or anyone else post about this problem is that when I run iGuidance embeded in RR, it comes up fine. As soon as I click on the map or any of the buttons, it will show the "File Edit View" bar, as well as bring up my Windows Task bar (ie. the start bar), and will not go away until I switch back to RR's main menu.

    If anyone has an solutions to this, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

    - Robert

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    Try making the taskbar not show up on top of other windows. The way to do this is to right click on the taskbar and go to properties. Uncheck the third option down from the top that says "Keep the taskbar on top of other windows." Hopefully this should help with part of your issue.

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    You probably didn't have iG embedded correctly in RR.
    With the latest release of RR, it should look like the one on post #61 on this thread iGuidance NATIVE in Road Runner. BTW, that thread has a lot of info regarding to embedded iG correctly.
    In this thread lil help with iguidance 3, look at the post regarding setting up iG in RR.ini.

    This thread is the bonus option for folks running iG in RR. Autoswitching and auto pause on iG speak. Auto switch to Guidance screen for iG?

    Also, when you read any of those threads that I posted file for download. Do not download them because all of the features discuss already implemented in RR official release in latest release of RR.
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    Woot! Thanks guys... now it works so much better. Appricate the help!

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