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Thread: Limit on length of label ?

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    Limit on length of label ?

    Hi all,

    I've been playing around with the skin I use and have added a label to show the currently playing artist, track etc.. I've noticed the last parts of the label are chopped off, for example on one label I have;

    "(Tracknumber). (Artist) - (Trackname) from the album (Albumname)"

    Will show as something like;

    "1. I Bet You Look Good On The Da - Arctic Monkeys from the album Whatever they"

    It should be, "... Good on the dancefloor & ...whatever they say I am not"

    Hope that makes sense!!

    So.. my question is, is this a problem with RR or a know bug ?
    Is there anyway I can get it working correctly in one label (so it scrolls on one line..) ?


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    Try adding ,"scroll-left" to the end of your label
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    Apologies... I should have mentioned that I do have scroll enabled, which does appear to work fine, as the label does scroll but the end of the text is cut off..

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    Hmm... so just me with this wierd issue then ??
    I have noticed even when just showing album name on its own the long ones don't finish.. and the label is much wider than the text actually shown.
    Guino - anyone.. any ideas ?

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    1.there's no limit of label text size
    2.non-scroll labels should just display up to what fits, scroll labels should display everything
    3.If you pay attention to your text, it's not really "CUT OFF", it's truncated.. which leads me to believe it's the TAG information incomplete OR you have prioritized to display tag V1 instead of V2 (Config Option).
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    Hi Guino,

    Thank you for your reply, my config was set to Prefer Tag V1.. changing it to V2 has sorted out this problem

    Thank you for this great frontend!

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