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Thread: I can’t get skin to pickup tags from winamp

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    I can’t get skin to pickup tags from winamp

    I am using RR with Triton skin. I mostly play Flac files which use ogg comment tags instead of ID3. My tags show up perfectly in winamp but the skin doesn’t seem to know anything about them. As I understand it, RR is pulling the tags from winamp using an API so the tag info should be coming across. Anyone able to help at all? I have been editing the triton skin and trying all of the different TAG… options for what to display. The only one that shows anything is “TRACKTITLE” which, I think, just shows the file name. [None of the TAG.. ones work]

    Also, I don’t know what I should put in the RR config for “Use ID3 Tags”. I have tried all the settings so I am not sure it matters but I mention it in case that has to be set a certain way. Flac uses ogg comment tags and not ID3 so I think it should be off. But if I turn it off will that tell RR not to try and pull any tag info from Winamp?

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    Another bit of information is that I am always browsing within the Winamp library. I never browse for files. So it should always be picking up and using the tags from the library...shouldn't it? Reguardless of the tagging style/method?

    As I understand it, when Winamp puts files into its library it reads in all the tags (in all their different formats...ID3, Ogg Comments, etc.) and stores those tags in the library. That way when RR asks for tags from Winamp it doesn't have to know how the tags were stored in the file. That is what makes this puzzleing.

    Nobody has any idea what I can try or what is going on?

    It seems to act the same way with Mp3 files.

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    same thing with me

    any one have some ideas hear on this????? and because the forum uses flac as part of name's it make's it really hard to search this topic out grrrrrrrrrrr using the latest road runner and digitalfx 2.5 and sugested winamp and just like the poster above me it's showing up right in winamp library

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