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Thread: Hi from a noob, and a couple of questions primarily re e46 bmw IBUS integration

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    Hi from a noob, and a couple of questions primarily re e46 bmw IBUS integration

    Hi All,

    I have some questions that hopefully some of you can answer, those with knowledge of IBUSSCOMM and RR I would really appreciate your input. My apologies this is such a long post - hell it wouldn't be fun if it were easy

    I've studied many threads and the readme's, but have not found anything to answer quite what I am after. From looking around this forum, it seems that RR is the way to go, though carX gets an honourable mention, and has given me ideas.

    Firstly, introductions. I have installed a pc in my e46 m3. The PC is a 3.2 Ghz P4 in a shuttle case, using a soundblaster zs2 /w/ KXProject drivers for active output. The outputs will be channeled through McIntosh amplication to a Dynaudio 3-way speaker set up front, and a IDMAX 10" sub IB in my ski hatch.

    I have installed the PC, and sub. I am routing the audio through the auxiallary sound input in the HK system, and using reversing camera input for video signal. I have the IBUS adapter setup and am able to use some functions - though not all work (namely cd emulation). Presently I can scroll MP3's and change volume of the system, basic controls that all work great, though they are a bit buggy sometimes - I'm going to try winamp 2.95


    Question 1. Easy for those of you who now how I'm sure. How do I get IBUSSCOM to start with RR??? I cant see this anywhere! At the moment, I have RR and IBUSCOMM in my startup folder, but I am sure there is a better way to do this and get RR to start IBUSCOMM for me. (Also if I stop/start the engine IBUSCOMM needs to be restarted as commands no longer work - is this known elsewhere? I've not seen it documented! ) I hope that I'll not need a mouse at all, and can just use BMW steering+dash buttons. I am sucessfully doing this at the moment, apart from when it crashes...

    Question 2. CD changer emulation. I have taken my CD changer out, and set the CD_Emulation tag to true in IBUSCOMM - and although I can trick the system into thinking there is a cd changer present for about 1 second (by sending a CD_radstartplay100 etc. type signal), the radio reverts back to on. It's not fooled. Does anyone know what is up here? I see IBUSSCOMM replys to the intial CD poll, but after that doesnt do much to the RAD_CDSTAT. How do i trick the radio into selecting the CD changer and staying there?

    Question 3. + info.

    I plan to use the BMW system for NAV and TV- they work VERY well, why change? I plan to totally by-pass the BMW amp+speakers in the front. I will fit and directly amp new speakers taking the HK system out the loop. I will reroute the BMW front speakers output to the BMW rear speakers so I can hear NAV commands and reversing sensor beeps from behind at least. Also, the bmw TV could then be watched too.

    I plan to wire up a button up front that will allow me to turn PC vid input on/off, is it possible to do this with the IBUS line too? Ideally I could flick a switch and the screen goes back to BMW system, and the PC is unable to respond to BMW button clicks, so I can do NAV stuff etc. Then flick the switch and it is back to PC happiness.

    If I Can get this working, I hope I can get my system to work like this;

    -Get in car, BMW system defaults to radio (whilst PC boots up). This plays out of rear speakers.
    -I can input NAV commands, watch TV etc as normal with BMW system, only it plays from rear speakers only.
    -If I hit my little switch up front for screen+ibus, then PC takes over. I need to be in BMW-CD mode though otherwise the radio will still play. Control PC with all buttons up front, and radio wont respond as it thinks they are being sent to the CD changer. I should be able to have vol -+, NAV wheel, enter, next/prev, and 1 2 3 4 5 6, which is enough to fully control the system.

    Any help is appreciated guys, this is doing my little head in!!!

    thanks for great software and a cool community,


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    No one have a better way of getting RR to load an external program on launch ?


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    Launching a program when Road Runner Starts.

    You can use ONSKINSTART to launch a program when the skin is loaded.

    You would place that line in the skin folder, in the ExecTbl.ini file
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    Sweet, thats a great start thanks

    I'll give it a go - hopefully it will work A-OK first time....

    Incidentally, how did you find this command out? I've read the readmes, looked at the .ini's and to be honest, find the lack of descriptions put a barrier to entry up - is there something obvious I'm missing, or am I best just trawling through? (I'm worried that by 'hacking' ini's up, ill be missing the proper way of doing it)

    .. and what does the RUNQW mean? - hmm search seems to say run after fully loaded, is this correct? I'm not really finding anything really juicy on setting up the exectbl.ini and programming it - it looks really powerful!!




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