Hi all, I have been sucessful in controling the Dice Electronics HD Radio AM /FM unit via USB usin g Ibusanalyzer. However i need some coding help to get it working in RR.

First of all this unit is not cheap. The Ibus adapter and HD Radio unit will cost around $250.00 But i can asure you that the AM/FM and HD AM/FM reception is the same if not better then a headunit. I have tested this unit in my car while moving in all areas of Central NJ. Reception blows away HQCT and the SIlabs USB Fm radio. This unit is just as good as my Pioneer headunit. I have full functionality but am looking for someone to beable to read the RDS and Station data and pull it into Roadrunner. Also, I have built a radio skin based on the Alipne Green skin to use ibusrr to control the radio.

Please check the link in my sig for more info.