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Thread: x-fi resume problem

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    x-fi resume problem

    I have the sirius usb adapter from Mitch connected to the line in jack on my x-fi "extreme music" sound card. it sounds pretty dam good with sound from 4 channels. When it resumes from standby the sound crackels pretty badly. I found that if I go into the creative control panel and change from music mode to gaming mode and then change back to music mode the sound clears up. WTF is up with this?

    I'm stuck at home for a few weeks recovering from 3rd degree burns so I figure I have some time to screw with this, I just need a little direction to go in. Does anyone make any tweaked drivers/apps for the x-fi cards?

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    You might want to try updating the drivers it, i also have an X-fi and I used to have problems with my sound crackling randomly. Here this link should work..
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    thanks, I'll give it a shot.

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