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Thread: Messed up mute button?

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    Messed up mute button?

    Hey, I am working on a skin, and have a problem with the mute not working.

    I have it so you press a mute button, and a mute indicator appears.. well it used to work fine, but now for some reason its broken..

    the problems:
    -If i start road runner when my computer is already muted the mute indicator is "OFF" and if i press the mute button in road runner, my computer unmutes, but the icon comes on...

    -Secondly the actual mute functin does not work. When I mute, it mutes the sound, AND turns the sound down (the RR volume reports 100%, but the windows volume slider is on 0) And when i press unmute in Road runner, it unmutes, but the sound is still at 0 (RR reorts 100%, but windows says otherwise)

    How do i fix these issues?


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    Check RRConfig is set to "Map Master volume to: MASTER" and make sure you have the latest drivers for your sound card.
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