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Thread: HELP!!! Roadrunner Video (Liquid Smoke Skin)

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    HELP!!! Roadrunner Video (Liquid Smoke Skin)

    Hello everybody!

    So here's the deal... I'm definitely a noob when comes to the roadrunner program setup, but I'm getting there! The problem I'm having is that my video library will not show up under the video tab, even though the directory in the config is correct! Also, does anyone know what the simplest program to use with roadrunner for videos (divx, wma...) would be? I want it to be able to actually handle any codec i throw at it!

    Thanks guys! (any help would be nice!)

    Btw, Sorry guys for putting this in the wrong forum, wont happen again

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    Quote Originally Posted by nammertat View Post
    Btw, Sorry guys for putting this in the wrong forum, wont happen again
    Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's what they all say.

    Thread moved to the Roadrunner forum.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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