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Thread: Playlist search bug

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    Playlist search bug

    Go to the top of your list and search for something you know you have. Hit Search, It jumps to the first match.

    Skip past anything that will match your search and then hit search again and again. It will then just go to the next song (which isn't a match), and then the next song etc until it hits the end.

    It would be cool if it wrapped around to the beginning if you search for something that it no longer finds a match for.

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    use djiks jump to plugin.. its the only search tool u'll need with rr Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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    this is not a bug.. it's just how it was made.. it highlights the next song to indicate it searched but found no matches.. an option could be made to do what you're saying..
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    ah okay, it still would be very cool to wrap around...

    and guino, this probably should have been posted in the bugs form, but check my other post out (which I think probably is a real bug, and it's playlist related)

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    I'll second the wrap around to the beginning option.

    I've got so many songs, it's often hard to search the entire directory........
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