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Thread: some bugs...

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    some bugs...

    'Calc GPS speed on current unit
    SPD = GPS.speed * IIf(ISUnits, 1.1852, 1.150779)

    should be

    SPD = GPS.speed * IIf(ISUnits, 1.852, 1.150779)

    wrong types (only examples):
    UseVars.Add "False", "speedatt" -> UseVars.Add False, "speedatt"
    UseVars.Add "True", "speedattmute" -> UseVars.Add True, "speedattmute"
    UseVars.Add "70", "speedattvolzero" -> UseVars.Add 70, "speedattvolzero"

    if you enter everything as string you will run into troubles...
    this will evaluate to the wrong result:

    (UseVars("speedattvolb") + UseVars("speedattspeedb")) ^ UseVars("speedattspeeda")

    this returns the correct value:

    (CLng(UseVars("speedattvolb")) + CLng(UseVars("speedattspeedb"))) ^ CLng(UseVars("speedattspeeda"))

    happy debugging...

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    1-I am not sure of the proper conversion value.. you're probably right... I'm hoping that's only for the GPS Attenuation ?

    2-This was done on purpose... at least on VB6 SP6 the conversion is automatically done for you without needing the CLNGs I thought. Or at least, I didn't run into trouble because of it.
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    1) i think its the only occurence...

    2) yes, there is a conversion, cause you couldnt calculate something with strings, but the implicit conversion is sometimes wrong. This results in "random" like errors is not easy to find - just try my example...

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