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Thread: idrive & Iguidance help!

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    Thanks Enforcer! I was going into the RRConfig from the start menu, I was not aware of the config in RR. That solved that problem!

    but I still can't get my GPS to work Inside roadrunner, I can't seem to connect my GPS Reciever (even though it says 9/10 by the top satellite). It always says "Off-Road" . But if I were to load up IGuidance outside of windows, it would work perfectly fine. Any Ideas?

    Thanks in advance

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    If you go down to the woods today, You're sure of
    RoadRunner is hogging the GPS.


    A) remove the setting from RRConfig for the COM port, ie don't have it to the port that your GPS mouse is in.


    B) get a com port splitter, Xport for example, and set that up so both RR and iGuidance can have access to the GPS. (recommended option)

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    wow thanks for the fast reply Enforcer! i will give it a try today

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