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Thread: RoadRunner 09/09/07 -- Line-In/Winamp volume resets to 0% on resume

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    Quote Originally Posted by jizzajam View Post
    any ideas about this? i'm having the same issue: winamp and line-in volume set to 0 when resuming from hibernate. I don't think it happens everytime, i'm trying to figure out if hibernating in a particular state causes this (playing mp3s vs sat radio, etc)
    I think this is (as guino said) a Winamp issue. And I cant figure it out. I just uninstalled RR, and uninstalled Winamp. Then put on winamp 2.95 and RR version 11/04/06 and same deal. So I think it has something to do with that winamp dll being registered or something. That is the only variable that has changed. If I figure it out I will post.

    Also that crazy GPS thing happened again. Question for guino: If the name of the window for GPS does not match the actual name of the window, will it constantly open new versions of the GPS each time? I think what happened was I standby/resumed a few times in the GPS screen, so it spawned like 15 instances, and then when I pressed close, it would just seem like a new opened up, but it could be that it just showed me #14 of #15 because after I clicked close all the time, it worked fine. I am still investigating this...
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    Maybe you guys want to try usbsound=true in RR.INI -- this forces RR to wait for the mixer to become available after resuming (normally only USB sound cards "disconnect" on hibernate/standby). I do recommend testing winamp on its own to see how it works, and it should be similar in RR, and if it isn't, hibernateaware=false should make it EXACTLY as it is when outside RR.

    If the GPS title doesn't allow RR to find the GPS already opened, it will open a new process. A partial match should be enough to find it, but not if it's miss-spelled.. just make sure you check the window title in winspectorspy cause sometimes what you see in the window frame is not the actual title for it.
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