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Thread: album art fading away on 12/6/07

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    album art fading away on 12/6/07

    I just installed 12/6/07 rr on my car pc. it was fine. Now when i go to to music the album art shows up for a about .10 sec and fades out. when i click on to the next song same thing happens.Does not matter which album i pick all the album arts do that on my digital fx skin. I was fine before with the 4/11/07 version of rr.

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    This definitely had something to do with the mp3art.dll. I have had the plugin initialized in my since the dll was released. It just started disappearing as it does now since the 12/06 release from what I can tell. When I run the 12/06 version Guino JUST re-released, my album art also disappears. Going back to the 11/04 version, the album art works as it should.

    In the mean time, using a text editor, remove the


    line from the and save it. That should fix it for now.
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    What can i say john, you definitely helped me out once again, for like the 15th time now. I'll donate $50 thanks a lot, i can't stress that enough. I'm using your skin only cause of all the help you given me, even on those stupid questions.
    And it's fixed now. Thanks

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