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Thread: SKIPTO Not working correctly with Custom Lists

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    havent had the chance to look at it yet... should be easy though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue ZX3 View Post
    This can be done currently with use of using RR code..
    Thanks for your help, really, but I don't this this will work correctly because of two problems:

    1. It doesn't check the actual letter you're at.
    I'll try an example:
    I'm at letter A. If I execute SKIPNEXT it will increase the VAR LTRNUM and jump to letter B. So far, so fine. But if I now manually scroll down to another letter, say O, and I execute SKIPNEXT, it won't jump to letter P, but instead to letter C.

    2. Also, I don't know what happens when you have no songs with the letter C in the list. I guess RR does nothing then, right ?
    Of course SKIPNEXT should jump to ne next letter in the alphabet, which also EXISISTS in the playlist. So if there's no letter C in the list, RR should jump directly to letter D.

    I wrote a little program in AutoIt, but it's working too slow. But again, I think this can be added really easy by guino, when he's already looking at the SKIPTO command.
    If he finds to time to look at it, that is. No rush ...

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