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Thread: RR crashes in the middle of nowhere

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    RR crashes in the middle of nowhere


    It has happened a few time where I have RR running (iGuidance4 active, music in the background) and out of the blue, I get an error about RoadRunner.exe has crashed and will be closed. I can navigate away the pop-up window and thing seems to work just fine. If I click on the button, I just get a wallpaper background, it kills the whole window. The only way I can get out is a hard reboot.

    Any ideas? I've checked Event Viewer and nothing shows up. Thanks.

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    i have this problem as well.. only when ig is in guidance mode.. which leads me to believe it has something to do with ignative. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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    Are both of you guys using iG4? I just took a trip 2 weeks ago (6 hours one way) and RR didn't skip a beat with iG3 running the whole time. I'm guessing possible ignative and iG4 incompatibilities?

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    I'm running IG4 and if I remember correctly, this is a new problem but can't remember if it's after IG4, most likely though.

    Any fix yet? I hope there is

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    i have the same problem. when i click on gps IG4 pop up and my dislplay turn blue my music froze and i have to reboot as well too. i have try many trick but doest seem to work.

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