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Thread: cant play video within RR

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    sorry, so what can i do now to get RR play my video (via mpc)?

    would extenal DVD player say WinDVD or PowerDVD be an alternative? i dont like those because they are big, however, i will give it a try if mpc cant do

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    Are your file associations setup for mpc? Do you at least hear any sound when playing the video? My guess would be the file associations if you have everything setup correctly.. open up your videos folder from windows explorer then right click on each different type of movie (mp4, avi, etc) and choose open with. From there go down and select choose default and you should be able to select mpc.

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    if you heve the right codecs installed you should be able to play dvd with mpc.

    first play tem only on the mpc. If that works than switch to rr.

    And check / change these settings:

    - set path to mplayer classic
    - set the path to the files
    - set the extensions to use
    - unchecked use build in player (the build in player = use winamp for video and you don't want that)

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    i hav'nt read the whole thread , but i did have some small issues in video not working then i remeber these codecs which got it all running again, sorry if this has already been mentioned
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    I would leave this darn thread alone except that missinformation is being spread as facts. The Built-in video is NOT Winamp video EITHER.

    I suggest OP do some research on terms such as "built in video" , "RR video" and make up his/her own mind.

    Unless something changed:

    Quote Originally Posted by guino View Post
    [HL]Winamp should not be handling any videos ever[/HL].. either you'll play all with the [HL]built-in player OR with MPC [/HL]by option in RRConfig. If you can't play VOB files in the built-in player you probably just need a filter/codec (I can play them all just fine).. MPC should also be able to handle both, again, unless you have codec issues.
    And the darn built-in player is NOT Media player classic - it's it's own entity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by qha_vn View Post
    sorry, so what can i do now to get RR play my video (via mpc)?

    would extenal DVD player say WinDVD or PowerDVD be an alternative? i dont like those because they are big, however, i will give it a try if mpc cant do
    I've seen many cases in where people confuse MPC with the Windows Media Player -- so please do verify that you're using the right software as Windows Media Player will NOT work. Other than that, as long as you have the right codecs and set the MPC path correctly, it should work. But I can add that I personally have had issues in the OS at some point that the codecs interface simply did not work right regardless of what I could install/uninstall, and in despite of nothing being apparently wrong, only a full re-install of the OS got the codecs interface working right again.
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    but i am not the case, i do know windows media play is a world different from media player classic. what i will try will be starting the movie by double clicking the video file instead of choosing it from within media player classic. will let everyone know how it turns out

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