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Thread: RR and iGO8 problem

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    RR and iGO8 problem

    Hi all,

    Cant seem to find out how to correct this problem i'm having ... iGO8 embedds fine in RR but it keeps poping when i go back in RR menus exiting GPS menu. Tried diferent skin but still the same problem. Does anyone have an idea of what i might be doing wrong ( config etc.. ) ?


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    iGo doesnt resize automatically... you need something like iGo mysize or RR will keep trying to display it... I suggest you read this thread:
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    use IGO zoomer (do a search for it)
    iGo mysize uses a shortcut with added arguments to set the size. and RR doesnt seem to be able to load an app from a link file.
    igo zoomer embeds igo and automaticly re sizes it.. work heaps better


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