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Thread: SEARCHFILES with wildcard broken?

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    SEARCHFILES with wildcard broken?

    "SEARCHFILES;folder.jpg" - > no problem

    "SEARCHFILES;*.jpg" - > problemo-no workie (as per documentation, should work)

    "SEARCHFILES" - This allows you to search for predefined files based on the parameter given.
    Example: "SEARCHFILES;*.MP3"

    Also small feature request...would it be possible to return search results for a file type even if it is not defined to be displayed in audiofiles=?

    eg.. i would like to be able to search for folder.jpg starting from dlpath and have a list of paths returned, even though jpg is not specified in audiofiles= in rr.ini . (these are for my covermess app).

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    sorry, the documentation is wrong -- wildcards do not work, but you should get the desired effect with: "SEARCHFILES;.jpg" (just don't include the wildcards). Currently it only searches through audio/video files according to settings.
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    Thx Guino, I'll give it a try....

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