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Thread: screen tearing during embed program

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    screen tearing during embed program

    hello guys!

    Screen tearing(please seeing the photo) when I try to embed a gps software,The Mytracker show the reason that RR try to embed in the x=0|y=0 at the lefttop of the screen before the gos software runing in the location at the middle of the screen, It is no problem that delay rr running embeding acting by manaul, so I want to know how to make rr automatic delaying embed-action.


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    This seems like a problem that the GPS software in question doesn't like to be resized. You may not be able to embed it correctly into RR (or any other frontend). If you think it's a problem of the POSITION of the GPS application on the screen, you can edit that in the .skin file (Changing the line starting with "A" to match the position desired). You can also try to run it by itself first, and then just embed it.. but you need to show us your GPS settings and the command you're using to load the GPS screen on the skin..
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