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Thread: Cusrsor not hidden in video players

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    Cusrsor not hidden in video players

    I use the 1/11/2009 RR version .

    When i use MPC and the FULL aspect ratio, i have a little hand on the top left who stay always.
    In the other ratio i have just the mouse cursor but it is normal because my mouse is not hidden in RRconfig.

    Same problem in other skin that Carwings

    Do you know a solution .

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    If your mouse is not set to be hidden in RRConfig, it won't hide -- not even in video. That's the correct behavior. If you don't want the mouse to show, you should set to hide the mouse in the config. MPC itself is what's changing the cursor to the "hand". Depending on your screen alignment, you can try setting YPosition=1 in general.ini of the skin to shift it 1 pixel down so the mouse is not over MPC when playing video.
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    hey guino, what do you think of a mouse setting that would hide the cursor after a 5 second idle timeout and show it again when it's moved.
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