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Thread: Video Dvd OSK do nothing

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    Video Dvd OSK do nothing

    All OSK were working until I updated with the Binary from 3/17 after that they stopped working. I'm using the brushed metal skin. If I switch to the alpine skin both OSK work. Thnx in adv, Steve

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    I'm not sure what you mean by "Video Dvd OSK" but If Brushmetal stopped working and it still works on the alpine skin, it's very likely that your skin files got messed up somehow.. just look at the brushmetal skin folder -- you should have:,, and corresponding JPG files for EMPTY/ON/OFF/DOWN for all of them.. if any of the files is missing it is likely RR will not load the screen/OSK.

    To be clear: OSK stands ONLY for On-Screen-Keyboard ... if your button(s) don't do anything it's because the associated skin file is missing/damaged.

    PS: RR 3-19 is out.
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    I should have seen the Brushed Metal Update on your site. I downloaded that and now all is good. Guino I just want to say thnx b/c the software is great and support is amazing. Keep up the good work. Thanks again, Steve

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