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Thread: Little trouble using NaviPC embedded

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    Little trouble using NaviPC embedded

    I use navipc as gps navigation software and there is only one problem, runing it embedded. As shown in the picture attached (shot take at higher screen resolution to see the problem) pressing F4 navipc creates and pop up a new window that let you choose the DVD map country to use for searching places to add to the route, but the windows goes immediately on the backgroud and it disappear! Is there a workaround to solve this? I used the same in Mediacar and it works.

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    This happens only with badly written applications that don't associate the windows of the application correctly.. I do intend to make some sort of "fix" for this..
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    Thanks guino, I know that probably the application is not written in the better way.
    In fact that navipc window is the only one that can be placed in the backgroud, also running in standalone, outside rr, but normally if you keep the focus on it, you can get the window to stay on the foregroud until you make your choice.
    Thanks for your work, if in the next versions you'll find something to "fix" this, it will be for sure very useful, form many other applications that can present similar problems.


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