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Thread: 5-6-05 Release Playlist Path

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    5-6-05 Release Playlist Path

    - In RR Config tje playlist path not popup a folderlist
    - when you choose the phonecontrol.Net exe file in the RR config, RR doesn't start and have 99% cpu usage

    sorry for this englisch, its not my first language.

    And can someone say wich files in the updated MettalBlue Skin has been changed? because I've made changes my self and doesn't want to change it every update. thx

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    -I gotta fix the Playlist path in RRConfig -- keep forgetting...
    -What version of Phoco You Use ? I have tested it like hell (1.4Reg).. it is not suppoesed to freeze up as it has timeout functions.. chances are Phoco is not setup right. You can NOT use -remoteNoDesign with any earlier version (even 1.4b). Phoco settings must not be changed from the default port 17015 for connection and it must not be blocked by firewall/etc on your machine.

    I added a few files: call*.skin/jpg and updated also added the CDRip files.. you can simply copy those.. I basically pulled them from Dena's skin.
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    I use the newest version, but only trial yet.

    I've made some changes for the temp sensors to display and make a Mazda logo in the background and so on.

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