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Thread: 06-05-05 Select+ doesn't work for directories which don't have subdirectories

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    06-05-05 Select+ doesn't work for directories which don't have subdirectories

    Strange bug I found with my skin. If I select+ a directory off my root mp3 directory which has a subdirectory the mp3s will play fine, if not then the mp3s are loaded into winamp which then cannot play the files (either through RR or winamp).

    To expand a little:

    \\server\data\mp3 << MP3 Path (i.e. the one which loads when you click Browse)

    \\server\data\mp3\Joss Stone\*.mp3 << this won't play the mp3s!
    \\serber\data\mp3\Something\Joss Stone\*.mp3 << this will play the mp3s fine!

    Note that the 'Something' directory has no mp3s in it.

    When the directories which don't work are loaded all the MP3s are correctly loaded into winamp - which then scrolls through all the filenames but will not play them. The time indicator on the skin has the total time as "-12:-40" - the mp3s names are listed correctly but won't play. Clicking play in winamp also won't play the mp3s!. Loading the mp3s manually in winamp works fine!

    Rolling back to the old version of rr.exe I was using ( 08/03/2005 ) and it works fine...

    Let me know if you need more info / ini file etc


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    I'll run some tests to see.. I've change a lot of the code to handle playlists in the latest versions (perfomance improvements)..
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