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Thread: Music resumes after hibernate but then it stops...

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    Thanx CDRskull. I've seen the XA-300 mod, but I'm terrible with the Iron. So I've been hoping for an alternative.
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    Tis strange, after more investigation, the sound disappears and if left alone either comes back about 6-7 seconds later, or returns because I have touched the screen, now wether the touchin of the screen gets RR back in focus or because a USB device ie the touchscreen has been activated

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    Has anyone found a fix for this issue yet? I'm using an onboard soundcard (AC 97 but will be switching to USB soundblaster shortly) and celink 6030 bluetooth 2.0 dongle. I dont believe I'm using the Widcomm (could be wrong because I'm still learning the ins and outs of BT but about 95% sure)

    I'm having the same issue down to the t (...there are no t's). I'll listen to music via RR and connects my BT headset and it'll stop and restart the music. Actually it would also crash winamp sometimes with a soundbuffer issue and switch playback devices (so where music was coming through my onboard card, it would now stop playing through that and go to my headset. Hope this helps! This is really annoying!

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    same here with usb creative soundblaster audigy card. has been always been there not only since i am using phoco with widcomm bluetooth 1.4 stack. any resolution in sight?

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    The only known solution is to disable the BT audio adapter under device manager. But if you have a USB card, it may not solve your issue -- again the crap you have to put up with by using USB stuff.
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