I have all my my music in C:\MUSIC
I've also got this directory structure:


Then in each of those sub-directories, I have these:

<Album Name>\folder.jpg
<Album Name>\playlist.m3u

Then the playlists point back to the C:\MUSIC directory. On my album browser skin, I've got "A-K", "L-Z", "VARIOUS" and "SOUNDTRACKS" buttons to narrow down my selection a bit.

Problem 1:
So I'm browsing all the albums, and if I use "SELECT" then it clears the playlist selects the album as expected, only next time I go to the browse, I get left in the sub-dir of the album I last selected, even though my skin specifies a browse directory of "C:\ALBUMS\ALL". So I got around that by making my button command "!SELECT||BACK||LOAD;"

Problem 2:
But I can't seem to add an album to the playlist from the album art browser. "SELECT+" doesn't do anything, and nor does "ADD1".

Problem 3:
It also seems that after selecting an album, the next time I open my album art browser, that the thumbnail for the last selected album doesn't appear - its just the default folder icon.