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Thread: Day/night not working in last version

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    Day/night not working in last version

    As explained in the title of the post... the day night/day gamma control function integrated in RR is not working in the last version 15/01/2006 (tested on two different PC). Press the button and nothing happens! Installing the previous version it works again.


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    I just checked on it and it seems that the addition of the AutoGamma (by GPS) feature crippled the original built-in (manual) gamma support. I've fixed it for next release, but for now only GammaPanel/GammaControl will work propperly -- that and the "auto" gamma control -- but this needs to be setup with Skippy76's RRConfig (since he moved the gamma settings to RR.INI). The next release will support the normal gamma as well as his improved gamma support.
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