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Thread: BMW iBus interface not working anymore

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    Question BMW iBus interface not working anymore


    I'm still running your 15/1/2006 build, but just had to rebuild my Car-PC hard disk from scratch, and..

    I'm definitely sending the BMW iBus signals to the window named "Roadrunner". I can even see the screen flickering whenever I press one of steering wheel buttons.

    The messages I'm sending to RR are:


    and yet it's not moving to the next track/prev track or changing volume.

    any ideas?

    P.S. I'm using the new iDrive skin - previously I was using the iRunner skin.
    Also using Winamp 5 in the classic skin.
    BMW iBus analyzer used to test I'm sending the cmds.

    many thanks [and keep up the excellent work - you're the best!]


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    Make a debug log file and post it.. it should list the commands received (if any).. then we'll have an idea of what may be the problem.
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