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Thread: Title cut off in music player

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    Title cut off in music player

    So I'm not sure this is a RR bug but I'm 99% positive that it is. I just updated, to what I just checked is the most recent release of RR and I'm using the Alpine skins. I actually have 4 of them and have the same problem with all four of them. When I go into the music section the song title is cut in half. The bottom half of all of the letters do not show up (in the bottom right corner where it has the whats playing now info) The rest of everything works fine, I'm not one hundred percent sure that this is a Road Runner bug, it could just be an I D Ten Tango error ... ID10T user. I was going to upload a pic but I just realized that my cell has TERRIBLE upload speeds, like 24kbps and the pic I have is almost a meg so I'll repost tonight when I can get near a LAN. Thanks for your help
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    You probably don't have the correct font installed. Check with the skin's creator to see what font he uses. If that doesn't work, try another skin to see if the problem still exists.

    In any case, I'm pretty sure that this is not a RR bug.
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