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Thread: plz help: error: 9, subscript out of range

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    Angry plz help: error: 9, subscript out of range

    Hi all,

    When i open roadrunner up it says error: 9, subscript out of range and exits. This started when i was trying to figure out how to get visualisations to work and i changed the winamp skin. I change it back - no effect. Did fresh installs of both roadrunner and winamp - no effect. The only things that are the same are rr.ini (maybe problem here but where in it?) the ini's for gestures, and my old skins. plz help


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    a Subscript out of range can be cause by MANY things, and dosent really help narrow the problem down to much, so it will take a little investigating & trial and error. I suggest backing up your ini file, and then installing RR again, and let it build a fresh ini. If it runs, rename the good ini to .bak or something and copy your ini in the RR dir. If you get the error again, then you KNOW it is the ini, and where to start looking.

    If it is the ini, I would start copying sections from your ini, and replacing those sections in the good one, little by little, and fire up RR after each change and see if it is still ok. If you get the error 9 again, you know whatever the last modification you copied over to the ini is the problem.

    It's just a matter of narrowing down the problem, and figguring out exactly what is causing it.
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    Found the problem but it doesnt make sense. Its the skin. When I set the ini to load up BMV2 skin it works fine, but when I set the ini to load up the skin I created it gives the error. My skin works fine because I can change to it from the BMV2 skin skin browser O.o ??? is there something missing in this skin that lets it load when selected but not automatically when in the ini file. I am VERY confused. Oh and thanks for the previous help

    edit: for some reason the code in the skins for showing the visualisation would not allow auto load using the config, but would allow the skin to work on selection from the skin screen. I just deleted the values and redid them and now it works. Weird.

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