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Thread: Crash after hibernate

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    Crash after hibernate

    Yesterday my RR crashed after hibernate. Actually it didnt crashed after hibernate but just after hibernation I tried to select the GPS screen (havent touched anything yet) and it got crashed, it happens everytime I tried. I can see MapMonkey in the background in a flash and then nothing. I cannot touch any button, but the music plays nonstop. I had to reset the system.

    After hibernation nothing happens and I have to touch the screen (doesnt matter where, if its just not the GPS button), to start winamp to play/resume the track. I have selected Resume: always and to be aware of hibernation.

    Is there some embedding problem, so it think its in the background but actually its in the foreground?

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    there are various reasons to why this could be happening.. most likely some winamp plugin or running application. I'd recommend removing any plugins you don't use from winamp and trying again. If anything, try this in RR.INI:

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