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Thread: CUSTOMPL not sent to menu form?

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    Question CUSTOMPL not sent to menu form?

    I dont know if its a bug or a feature, but it seems like the "CUSTOMPL" variable stays undefined for the menu screen.

    Will this be fixed?

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    1-This variable is only sent to Flash objects
    2-You MUST have a playlist in the screen for it to be sent (even if you make a hidden playlist)
    3-There's nothing code-wise that would prevent it from working in the main menu, however, I have never seen anybody use it on that screen.

    Check the first 2 points and let me know.
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    found the problem:

    i've had only "custompl" label definition in the skin file, but no "S" definition - this prevented rr to load the playlist.

    Sorry 4 taking your time...

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