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Thread: Refreshing customdl not working

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    Refreshing customdl not working


    i have a customdl with the playlistpath.
    The list is on the audio player screen and has the SD definition:

    /, a Disp w h Path
    /, -- ---- ---- ---- ----

    When i create or delete files there, the list does not reflect the changes.
    I've tried the following commands to refresh the list:

    and setting the _root.CUSTOMDL variable to "" and undefined.

    Nothing worked - it seems that the list is only loaded once..
    Please check, thanks!

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    This is a limitation, the folder list only updates when/if you change the path. Since you're not changing it, it's not updating. You can make a refresh button easily by using "SETPATH;$PLAYLISTPATH$" and it will force the list to reload the specified path and update CUSTOMDL as well. Beware only the FIRST defined flash file in the screen receives the customdl.
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    it works, thanks!

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