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Thread: "ONSUSPEND","" Possible Bug

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    "ONSUSPEND","" Possible Bug

    The way my machine is configured, I have had problems with com port issues regarding my GPS antenna and iGv3.0 coming back from hibernation. I've tried all the posted fixes in the forum with no luck.

    I've managed to work around this issue by supplying the following command in the RR ExecTBL.ini file:


    Re-opening iG after hibernation wasn't a big deal to me really.

    In any case, if I never opened iG (i.e. never open my GPS menu), this causes RR to hang and prevent hibernatation when the key is removed.

    I don't know if this is bug or intended. Just thought you might want to know.
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    That's interesting... I mean, Closewindow should have no effect if the iGuidance window is not found.. unless you have another window with matching name that RR is trying to close instead..
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