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Thread: ID3 tag issue

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    ID3 tag issue

    Not sure if a bug or not. I searched with no matches, but if someone has better search terms, I'm ready to read.

    I'm using the latest RoadRunner. Problem occurs in any skin.

    For some songs - the album, the artist, and the song title are proceeded by 3 non-standard characters. Such as an a with an umlot (sp?), and a p where the vertical bar goes well above the circular part.

    These 3 extra characters are not displayed when playing directly in Winamp. When viewing the song properties in Winamp, the characters are not there. I tried editing a few songs, but that didn't work. It's always the same 3 characters.

    I just realized the Winamp version might be helpful, but I'm 10 hours away from being able to check that. I know it's far from the latest and it is the version recommended in one of the FAQs. I'll edit this post later with the exact version.
    edit: Winamp version is 5.32

    The only common thing I've noticed yet is this only occurs on songs I've downloaded from eMusic. If anyone is interested, I have not been impressed with eMusic's catalogue or the quality of the mp3. Haven't bothered to look at what sampling they were ripped at. But it was a free 50 download marketing campaign, so I can't complain too much.

    Any ideas on the cause or better search terms?

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    Yep, that's it. Thanks.

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