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Thread: CTRLLEFT/CTRLRIGHT w/ scrolling label bug

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    CTRLLEFT/CTRLRIGHT w/ scrolling label bug

    There seems to be a problem using CTRLLEFT/CTRLRIGHT when stepping into a skin that has a label scrolling. In my case, it was the TAGARTIST/TAGTITLE label.

    If the label is static, it will highlight fine, but if the label is scrolling when you first step into the skin, button controls will not start to highlight until you "mouse over."

    Only then will the CTRLLEFT/RIGHT work. It seems to default to the lower left of the skin.

    I have confirmed this w/ SCROLL-LEFT/CENTER/RIGHT.

    RR 2/6/07 Beta using a basic RF remote w/ KeyTBL.ini.

    Also, the CTRLLEFT/RIGHT does not seem to work on MENU skins (i.e. MENU; Is that normal?

    I hope this is clear.

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    It should always work, I'll double check -- scrolling labels should never retain focus as far as I know.

    EDIT: It seems to work fine here with scrolling labels. On the Menu, the issue seems to be that the menu does not popup initially on focus, so if you alt-tab or activate the window it works.
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    1,448 was able to reproduce it when I was working on my KeyTBL definitions.

    I can't seem to reproduce them now.

    Sorry to waste your time.

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