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Help - I can't get RR to even open.

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RR Trojan

RoadRunner Updater detected as a Virus!

The answer is no.

Basically there is a webrowser component of RoadRunner that causes a few AV programs to pick up the roadrunner.exe as a Trojan.

AVG is a prime example.

What can I (you) do?

1. Disable your AV program from scanning the RoadRunner folder.
2. Put RoadRunner in your AV's exceptions list
3. Remove your AV program and try a different one. (although eventually I suspect they may all eventually start picking on RR)
4. Send the RoadRunner.exe to your AV co and aske them to remove it from their signatures.
5. Turn off heuristic scanning with your AV program
6. Don't use Road Runner (kidding)

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Bottom Line : RoadRunner is NOT a virus. (however it does seem to take most of your day away)