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Thread: RRGAS - Gas prices for the US - Status: Updated 12/01/10

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    RRGAS - Gas prices for the US - Status: Updated 12/01/10

    v1.6.2 ( 12/01/10

    Small change in website caused parsing section fail.

    v1.6.1 ( 16/07/09


    Command to delete saved files
    Command to save current GPS coords to a file with place name.
    Function to retieve above locations and get prices when online and save info to savedfiles.
    When GPS button pressed if offline the GPS coords will be saved to file as above.
    Labels for fuel type selected and a price by fuel type selected
    Indicators for fueltype selected or sorted by. (Request of Sal.R)


    "/" stripped from the brand names so icons will work.
    prevention of error if stations.prv file empty

    v1.5.1 ( 10/10/08
    Some bug fixes.
    Removed reliance on logo for brand name (pointed out by DiggGuy)
    Stopped it missing out a station and then doubling up on first one read (Pointed out by DiggGuy)
    stopped distances of less than 1 mile being treated as further than 9 miles

    v1.5 ( 4/10/08
    Ability to save current info and recall at a later date if no internet available (1 save per Zipcode)

    v1.4 ( 14/09/08
    Calculation of Zipcode from GPS coords supplied via RoadRunner.
    Slider added to show progress when updating gas prices

    v1.3.1 ( 09/08/08
    Change to RRGASSEARCHING command so it actually works when it is supposed to.
    Removal of Sort order resuming to unleaded if distance is chosen on restart

    v1.3 08/08/08
    Distance truncated to 1 decimal place
    last 'searched by' is remembered on restart.
    added RRGASNODATAAVAIL trigger.

    First release v1.2 07/08/08

    Donation(s) - Thank You


    Get it from my forum

    Thanks to LostReception for releasing his code

    it's an extension plugin so X,rrgas will needed to be added to

    When initially loaded it will look to see if there is a previously saved list of prices, it there is and it is the same as the zipcode in the ini file (this is updated everytime the zipcode is changed) and the date is the same it will used the stored data.

    You can sort the prices by distance or any of the fuel types.

    You can also limit the distance you are willing to travel.

    here is a screenie and a list of skincommands.

    Skinning sholud be fairly easy as I have used mainly similar commands to the old native ones, just replaced the gas part with rrgas. The layout should be the same so you should be able to use the same graphics (with some minor tweaks).

    the .skin is just called as opposed to

    here is the current skin commands.


    rrgas - loads
    rrgas_zipcode - brings up NUMOSK to change zipcode
    rrgas_refresh - force refresh of data from web if available
    rrgas_distance - brings up NUMOSK to change maximum distance to travel
    rrgas_distancesort - sort stations by distance
    rrgas_diesel - sort stations by diesel price
    rrgas_premium - sort stations by premium price
    rrgas_plus - sort stations by plus price
    rrgas_unleaded - sort stations by unleaded price
    rrgas_gps - use current Lat and Lon from RoadRunner to generate Zipcode and then get prices. (Added in v1.4)
    rrgas_save - save current info to disk with zipcode as filename (added in v1.5)
    rrgas_load - brings up which has list of previously saved info (added in v1.5)
    rrgas_select - select and load previously saved info. (added in v1.5)
    rrgas_delete - delete a saved zipcode (added in v1.6)
    rrgas_savegps - save gps location to a file for retrieval at a later date or on a different PC (will do this automatically when gps button is pressed if no internet available). (added in v1.6)
    rrgas_offline - runs through the saved gps locations file getting prices for those locations and saving the information. (added in v1.6)

    In the following # is (0-19)
    rrgas_#_fdnavigate - Send GPS coords to Freedrive and plot route

    rrgas_zipcode - current zipcode
    rrgas_updated - Last time/date a successful update occured
    rrgas_distance - current distance to travel restriction
    rrgas_fuel - current fuel selected (added in v1.6)

    In the following # is (0-19)
    rrgas_#_diesel - price of diesel
    rrgas_#_premium - price of premium
    rrgas_#_plus - price of plus
    rrgas_#_unleaded - price of unleaded
    rrgas_#_distance - distance from zipcode
    rrgas_#_address - number and street of station
    rrgas_#_address2 - town, state and zipcode of the station
    rrgas_#_name - rrgas station brand
    rrgas_#_lon - gas station GPS coordinates (Lon.)
    rrgas_#_lat - gas station GPS coordinates (Lat.)
    rrgas_#_byfuel -returns price of currently selected fuel (added in v1.6)


    rrgas_distance - Indicates sort is by distance (added in v1.6)
    rrgas_diesel - Indicates sort is by diesel price (added in v1.6)
    rrgas_premium - Indicates sort is by by premium price (added in v1.6)
    rrgas_plus - Indicates sort is by by plus price (added in v1.6)
    rrgas_unleaded - Indicates sort is by by unleaded price (added in v1.6)

    In the following # is (0-19)
    rrgas_#_icon - Fuel company logo


    RRGAS - Will show progress as it gets the prices from the web (added in v1.4)

    Commands sent by RRGas

    RRGASSEARCHING - this is sent when RRGas starts looking for new prices - Requested by JohnWPB
    RRGASDONE - this is sent when RRGas has finished searching and parsing the info. - Requested by JohnWPB
    RRGASNODATAAVAIL - this is sent when there is no information for zipcode entered (added in v1.3)
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    F.A.Q. Read this post first before asking your question

    Frequently Asked Questions.

    Q. I don't have an internect connection in my car, can I still use this.

    A. Yes, run this on your home PC (obviously you will need to be running RoadRunner on the PC as well), and then copy the stations.prv file to your car PC (must be done on same day).

    Q. I put in a new zipcode but the stations haven't changed or updated.

    A. It is most likely the site does not have any stations near the zipcode you have entered or you do not have a connection to the internet.

    Q. I don't have any Gas Station brand icons.

    A. Look in your RoadRunner folder, there should be a folder called gas which contains all the gif files. If you do not have this check the orginal gas price thread. check attachment at bottom of this post.

    Q. I have the gas folder but I still don't have any Gas Station brand icons.

    A. For the icons to work you will need the latest RoadRunner version released by mitchjs.

    Q. You have done RRGas for the US and UK, any chance of doing it for <Insert Country here>?

    A. If you can find a website for your country that show the prices against individual stations, is searchable by postal code or GPS coords and doesn't show the price as a graphic, then post a link and I will have a look.

    Q. How do I set this up to work with my skin?

    A. To get the same functions that were in the native version

    1. rename to
    2. Modify all gas related labels to add RRGAS in front
    3. Change image indicators

    for the added features you will need to read the skincommands.txt and add the appropriate commands and maybe edit the graphic files.


    Download the GasSkinConverter attached to this post. Extract to your skinfolder and run GasSkinConverter.exe. It is recommended that you backup your skin folder just in case.

    Q. Does the "Show Map" function work now? for some reason, and it worked flawlessly with gaspricefinder.

    A. the show map depends on your GPS.
    1. Mappoint - (this was what the native went to) No, not sure how to code for this as the original code is internal specific.
    2. FreeDrive - Yes as long as it is my Personal Edition
    3. iG, see posts by John, and MGD (there have been various vesions of GASNAV posted in this thread)

    others nothing that I have done yet.

    Q. Do I need a ZIP.DAT in my rr folder for the zip codes?

    A. No, the plugin accesses a website to do the conversion.

    Q. Would someone care to send me this?

    A. The Terms And Conditions expressly forbid the distribution of this program, please register on my forum to get your copy.

    Q. Anyone have a screen built for <Insert skin name here>? it would be greatly appreciated!

    A. check the skins thread, contact the skinner or you can try and convert it yourself (basic instructions earlier in the F.A.Q.)

    Q. How can I download this wonderful creation?

    A. Register on my forum at , when activated go to the downloads section.

    Q. I have registered on your site but am still not activated, why?

    A. I do not monitor the forum registrations 24/7 so it could take hours or possibly a day or two before I can activate you. If I am going away I will normally put this info into the news section of the forum. If however after a few days of registering you have not been activated then contact me via PM here. Using the same username as you do on here will help you get activated quicker.

    Q. The labels seem to be doubled up, why?

    A. It is likely you are running two instances of the plugin. X,rrgas should only be in the of your skin or possibly in a file called plugins.txt not anywhere else.

    NB. if you are Running the new Ride Runner it is possible it has loaded it up from your plugins folder and then loaded it from somewhere else (something we have been told shouldn't happen)

    Gas Icons - Unzip to Road Runner
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    Skin files

    Brushed Metal - BMV2 (Updated for 1.5)

    iDrive Classic
    iDrive Night Red. (Updated for 1.4)
    iDrive Night Green

    The iDrive skins will only work in an iDrive skin as they need other files to work.
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    finally. thank you.

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    Received PM. I'll start looking at this probably tomorrow.
    Is there a way to find E85 prices? Really, I guess the question is, what kinds of fuel are available for searching?
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    Favorite thread EVER!

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    In preliminary beta testing, it is working flawlessly! Even better than the original, as you can now sort the prices by distance and the type of fuel you are interested in!

    This naively sends the coordinates to Freedirve to navigate to to the station of your choice. With just a little bit of alteration of the original GasNav script, I now have it working to route you with iGuidance as well.

    Fantastic job on this Enforcer!
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    Quote Originally Posted by monkeyracer View Post
    Received PM. I'll start looking at this probably tomorrow.
    Is there a way to find E85 prices? Really, I guess the question is, what kinds of fuel are available for searching?
    From the site used, just the four listed

    Unleaded, Plus, Premium and Diesel.

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    Working excellent. To keep it uncluttered, I made a Options Menu for the sorting. But.........from Los Angeles to Washington, DC only 0.2 some miles. Must be because no Valid gps signal. Also, I have rewritten the GASNAV.exe for the coordinates. Will test it in the car.
    Thanks Enforcer, Great Job.
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