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Thread: JoyVol Plugin

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    JoyVol Plugin

    This plugin allows volume control using a variable resistor or potentiometer connected to the PC's Joystick port. Hardware wiring is very simple & you can find out further details in this thread Soarer Volume Control Your potentiometer should be wired to the x-axis and calibrated in windows.

    It also supports a single button wired to button 1. Behavior is configurable in the config file for Mute, Pause, Stop.

    All configurables as follows:-

    Max= 62556 <-- use the calibrate button to generate this
    Min= 0 <-- use the calibrate button to generate this
    pressType=Stop <-- valid values - Mute, Pause and Stop. Default Mute
    mixerLine=Master <-- any valid RR mixer line. Defaults to Master
    pollRate=200 <-- the rate at which the joystick is polled in milliseconds. Defaults to 50.

    You can find the software here, and you can find the source code here.

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    can this be used to control anything besides volume? ideally to give a value based on a pot's position?
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