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Thread: Nosecam

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    Just a quick clarification:
    You're viewing multiple cameras through a video card, not through a USB system, right?

    I've been trying to figure out how to get multiple USB cameras running on my system, but with very little luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beezer View Post
    I've recently bought a great new webcam that does 640x480 @ 30fps & also does infrared night vision for a very reasonable 8 delivered. I've been experimenting with writing some software for a nose cam & have managed to mix text with the video. I'd like to mix in the time, speed, gps coords & perhaps some other funky stuff.

    The tricky part was working out how to do this without paying for some ActiveX control.

    Hopefully I'll get something released soon, provided it's workable on the carpc & doesn't chew too much cpu to process all this video.

    Anyone interested in this?

    Here's a pre-alpha preview. All it does is put the time on screen. It's only enabled for the preview right now & probably won't be on the recorded copy yet.

    I've been thinking about a forward looking camera myself. The function I would like to see is a constant recording of the videostream with a save button that saves the last say 30 secs (configurable) to a file. Very useful if you come across a situation you have to document, for example a traffic accident. A text overlay with time, date, position and speed would be very useful in an app like this.


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