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Thread: anyone wanna make a cam plugin?

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    anyone wanna make a cam plugin?

    So... there's been a lot of different projects trying to get cams into RR, most ppl seem to be using webcams with USB interface but I'm pretty sure there are some of us out there that's using either cmos or ccd cameras that doesn't have a usb connection...

    I'm thinking of buying a ImpactVCB card from hauppauge ( to get my cams into the pc, the interesting thing with this is that they mention in the text that:
    A Programmers Toolkit is available for the ImpactVCB which provides both DLL and OCX support for applications requiring the ImpactVCB's video capture or video display. Applications can be developed in C or Visual Basic.
    well... isn't that nice of them, maybe it even would be possible to add gps data and so on... I only know that I would love it, and doing a search here it looks like many more would 2...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Enforcer View Post
    Shouldn't be a biggy.can you get a sample of the SDK?
    well, Hauppauge seems to be a bit confused... they ship it free with a card thats about 50$ to buy, but they want to sell the OCX for 195$ if u dont buy a card... although, google is every mans best friend and sniffed out a free download version on their own webpage for the WinTV cards, but as far as I can tell it's the same Toolkit for that and the Impact VCB cards...

    downloaded it and upped it here:

    I havn't bought the card yet as I wanted to see if someone was making a plugin for it... without that I dont have much use of the card...
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    Any progress on this?

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    Pretty nifty. Im working on one for my own board, and osprey 100, and i think i may email the company about a dev kit, though its cool you got one for that card already.

    I say get the card and see if you can easily switch between video inputs on it in software. That way you could have cameras all over your car and can switch between em =] I wanted to do that with mine, but the only way to switch the inputs is to open up a little control panel type app and go through a few menus. I'm going to see if theres a way to do it in software though
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    CCTV cam would be a great idea. Especially sine web cams dont have that hi resolution or range
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