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Thread: RRMobile 0.3 Development

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    Thanks for the report, I'll take a look on Monday and throw some more logging in to capture the incoming/outgoing streams so we can make sure things are being sent/received as we would expect.

    I notice that you have nothing in the 'Supported Commands' section of the profile. This was required by the original program, for reasons I didn't delve too deeply into and I didn't want to change things completely in case something broke. It might have something to do with your problem. Try pasting the unique commands together into that setting see if things start working.
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    I added these lines, again I copied them from my working config for version 2.0

    This didn't help so after comparing the files I changed the "Use RTS=0" to "Use RTS=1" but once again this did not help.

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    Just got round to trying this out on my Sony Ericsson W610i, and after a little tinkering around I got it to connect ok.
    RRMobile will read out the battery level and signal strength, along with the phone make and model.
    Apart from that I can't get it to actually make a call/hangup/answer etc..

    I've also noticed that the main RRMobile app doesn't exit cleanly.. I have to kill it from task manager before I can relaunch it again.. after exiting via the X button on the skin it will keep running in processes (not actually using a CPU time though..)

    Looks like a good start though!
    Looking forward to testing out some future versions.

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    how is this progressing? please dont let this die! its our only hope!

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    COM port issues

    I am trying to get rrmobile running with my O2 XDA Orbit. My problem is with the com ports.

    On my bluetooth settings I am seeing the phone on com port 26 and when I run AT Sniffer this is confirmed. However I cannot set port 26 on rrmobile, the options only go up to 9.

    How do I

    a) change the bluetooth to use a lower comport


    b) get rrmobile to recognise com 26.

    Any help would be appreciated

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    You should be able to remedy that by overiding the port address...
    Go to "control panel" and then "system","hardware" and finally "Device manager" and locate your port in the list,right click on it and selct "properties" and then "port settings" now click on the advanced tab and it will display its current port number,click on that and you can change it to any unused port address.

    Before you do all that though just try adding the port number (26) to the RRMobile ini with the rest of them.
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    Samsung SGH-i607 BlackJack

    I can't wait to try out your software! Any chance the source is posted somewhere?

    Check out the forum here for marvelous resources for this device. There are plenty of downloads, custom "cooked" ROMs, and a pre-release kitchen for those of you interested. Or simply flash your BlackJack to have all the BT profiles your RRMobile can stand! Compliments of our cook Da_G and our host TxCaesar.

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