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Thread: IbusComM E46 CD Emulation

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    IbusComM E46 CD Emulation

    Does anyone have IbusComM properley emulating the CD Changer on a BMW E46 3 series?

    I have a 330i and have all Ibus messages being received by IbusComM and controlling RR but I cannot get it to emulate the CD Changer so that I can install my car pc in place of the CD Changer.

    I have CdEmulation=True

    I have CD_ANNOUNCE=True

    The CD_POLLRESP is set to the right message (I analyzed the stock CD Changer for this): MsgTemplate="1804FF0200E1"

    The RAD_CDPOLL is set to the right message: MsgTemplate="6803180172"

    Now I watch IbusComM receive the RAD_CDPOLL message from the Radio but it does not respond at all with CD_POLLRESP.

    I have posted my IbusComM.ini for reference, Can someone please give me an idea of what is going on?
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