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Thread: spider plugin, new labels/indicators/function/commands for silabs

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    Quote Originally Posted by the_big_1 View Post

    How do I find radio stations PI number?

    Does anyone Know if the pi number is transmitted by a station that is not transmitting RDS. To be more specific does anyone know if Australian radio has the same PI number as described in this thread, trying to get station artwork happening.

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    the pi number can be the same in 2 different state (one radio in australia and one in italy can be have the same pi) BUT can't be the same inside the same state (only australian radio can have 18939 as pi)

    next week i will start the new version of silab extension plugin

    audio bug was fixed in the direct sound and stream version(i haven't fixed fmod version)
    compatible with the new extension plugin of riderunner

    Unless you use multiple skin with differing plugin requirements and don't want duplication in the skin directories.
    if you don't write the x,testsilabsdll in the skin, my dll works as the original usbradio.dll
    the "x,testsilabsdll" is only for the new features
    if you want have the new features you must write the new command in the skin
    i can't rewrite all the mp3car skin to be compatible with the new silabs features
    if someone will have it he must add the commands in the skin (the user or the autor of the skin)

    i can't use the same name of rr commands, it generate errors
    if rr call "radiomute", it call it for rr o for the plugin?
    if rr call "radiotxt" cal the rr function or the function of my plugin?
    if i "change" radiotxt rr command in sil_radiotxt plugin command is for this reason
    is more simple add a new command inside my plugin that change the internal source code of rr (i hav'nt!)
    and the new sound commands are for the same reason, i can create a new stream mixer that make it inside rr
    i'm afraid the you have problems using no silabs skin compatible but I can not do otherwise

    the things written above are written friendly
    I wouldn't want to offend someone by my translation errors
    I just wanted to explain the reply reason to the questions asked me in the past

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mshow View Post
    4.Cant insert x,testsilabdll - write error in usbradio.dll
    Hi Spidermunz, I get this error too when starting RR. If I try and register your usbradio.dll it says that it cannot be found. Registering the testsilabdll.dll is OK.

    Edit: OK now it kind of works but the audio is stuttering like crazy. Any ideas?

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    Help for radio logo

    Hello ,

    the plug in is working on my RR the only issue is that i am not able to see the art of radio.

    can you help me?

    thanks in advance

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