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Thread: Anyone using the Winamp TV plugin in USA?

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    Anyone using the Winamp TV plugin in USA?

    Hi everyone,

    I have a K-World USB digital tuner that is detected by the Winamp TV plugin ( as a BDA card so hopefully it should work. Unfortunately the latest version (that now supports cards with BDA drivers) requires a Transponder List in order to scan but the only lists available on the plugin's website are for Europe and Taiwan. The website points to a forum in order to download other lists but it has been down for the last couple weeks I've been trying.

    Does anyone here have a transponder list for the USA that they wouldn't mind sharing? Or maybe someone knows how to make a list from scratch?

    Thanks for any help.

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    I'm pretty sure that the values on the Transponder list refer to the channels frequency in Mhz, but after that there is a single digit number that I don't know what means, maybe the "width" of the channel in Mhz?

    This is a sample of what the list file I've made looks like, with values pulled from and assuming the single digit is the width:

    region=Miami - All regions

    That last value changes on the lists for other countries to 6, 7 or 8.

    Anyway, this list may be correct as is but I'm not getting any results when I scan, even though I can watch the channels referenced in the list with the software that came with the tuner.
    Anyone have any experience with this plugin that might shed some light into this?

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    got your pm , sorry unable to help i have this plugin working with dvb-t here in the uk. but as you have found out yourself you need a transponder list for USA, which at the moment i can't find 1 ,(very quick search) , otherwise this plugin still works very nicely , if i come up with anything i'll let you know.


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