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Thread: Standardisation of Plugins.

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    Exclamation Standardisation of Plugins.

    Putting theses on Standby:

    as plugin manager comes along... more details soon

    This is another go at making Plugins a bit more standard.

    These are only guilines but please do try to adhere to them

    1. All plugins should not use hardcoded paths

    3. A set of example skin files should be provided preferably in either BMV2 or Carwings in the release thread (bmv2 PSD's are available in MP3car downloads section, Carwings PSD's are available in the Carwings thread)

    4. Plugins should be in a zip archive such that when extracted the files are in a folder of the plugin name.

    5 All plugin labels, buttons, sliders and indicators should be prefixed with the plugin name (to avoid conflicting with other plugins)

    6. A txt file containing a list of button, labels, indicator a slider codes should be included in the zip file (call it skincommands.txt)

    7. (this merely my suggestion for now) An indicator that has the same name as the plugin, so that other plugins can tell if they are running or not.

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    I for sure missed this, in any case.. we'll will adapt some of this

    "Did you test it in carwings??"

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