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Thread: Use WinAmp Toaster Plugin With Digital FX Skin

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    Question Use WinAmp Toaster Plugin With Digital FX Skin

    Hello All,

    I just spent the better part of 3 days searching around the forum to see if I could find the answer to my question, I found some info but I still cant get to the solution I'm looking for. Anyway here it goes.

    I just Installed RoadRunner (the latest build and update 10/13/2008) and also the DigitalFX v4.0 (7/25/08 release) Skin as well as the RRMedia Database (the program, skin and plugins are sweet many thanks to all who took part in creating these). Currently I have Winamp 5.541 installed running with its classic skin and the Toaster plugin version 0.7.8.

    I'm not really having any problems with the functionality of the programs / skin / plugins but I'm not really sure how to get toaster integrated into the DigitalFX skin. I checked out the Help file and that's actually how I found out about Toaster but there wasn't any info on how to set it up properly.

    Also I did all the embedding of the Album Art into my MP3s using a program called MediaMonkey. The art does show up in toaster so I know it functions properly I just don't know how to integrate it correctly.

    Finally I do apologize if I posted into the wrong forum section, I figured since Toaster was a plugin that I am using for RoadRunner this was the right place.

    Thanks in advance,


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    if you look in MKIII Imag'ine i have a script in there for toaster and a skin , thhe skin you will have to modifi yourself to match dfx.

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