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Thread: How to add a new comand in to IBUSRR?

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    How to add a new comand in to IBUSRR?

    Hi All,

    I want to assign a hotkey to IBUS plugin so that RR will switch skins and gamma when the side lights are switched on or off.
    Anyone any idea how to do it?

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    Do you know what the code coming from the iBus is when it switches the side lights off and on?

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    I am going to do some tests this weekend to find it. Main thing is if it can be done as I am not good at rr etc.

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    I thought that the Gamma feature already worked? In the IBUSRR.ini there is [SetGamma=1]

    ;SetGamma: Option to send NIGHTGAMMA to RR when the lights are turned on and DAYGAMMA when they're turned off

    I'm not sure if this only works when the main lights are turned on or the side lights, also I am not sure about it changing Skins.
    All I know is that the gamma change works in my car when I have the lights on.

    Not wanting to hijack this thread, but the feature I would like added is an extra command based on the Speed function [=$OBCSPEED$]. Currently this returns the speed in KPH. I would like to see a function like [=$OBCSPEEDMPH$] that takes the ODBSPEED in KPH multiplies it by 0.621 and returns the MPH value.???

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    I havent had chance to test it yet as pc not ready. But good if it does, getting it to do skin change aswell would be great. I want the phone button on the steering wheel to get the voice software to only listen for command when pressed.

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