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Thread: RRCmdChecker [ Released 12/14/08 ]

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    RRCmdChecker [ Released 12/14/08 ]

    Don't ask...

    Simple...Checks if executed cmd matches any predefined cmds and if not will notify you what that cmd was in a popup msg window for 3 sec before continuing.

    Will import RR's root, current skin's ExecTBL.ini file and the StdRRCmdTbl.ini in the plugins root folder.

    It defaults to off, you can use "RRCheckCmd;True\False" to turn it on/off

    I already have added all of my released plugin cmds to the bottom of the StdRRCmdTbl.ini file and you would need to do the same for any other plugins that are running, just follow that same format thats in the file.


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