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Thread: may help some people to Reg dll

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    may help some people to Reg dll

    This is what i found on the net to Register dll's and alike.
    i posted this for those who don't really know how to reg these plugins and un -reg them . so hopefully this may help you guys out abit.

    its very easy to use , AND ITS FREE ,just browse to the dll on your system , and click Register or un-register simple.

    setting up

    download the file from the this LINK

    Activate LINK

    you will have to activate it, click activate on 1st screen , will send you to the activate screen on the net , blue box on right look for register dll tool
    and click Act. next to it then copy paste the code and away you go.

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    You can also add this to your registry. BlueZX3 turned me on to this some time ago. Just unzip, and double click. It adds an option to the context menu, when you right click on a DLL to either register or un-register it. Alternatively, you can just double click a DLL and it will register it as well, with the standard "DllRegister Server in C:\blah blah file.dll succeeded" pop-up dialog.

    It works in batch as well, when I copy my RR folder to the car, I do a search on the RR folder for *.dll. I then select all files, and right click on one of em and choose register. If there are a lot of dll's it will warn you it may take a minute

    I have used it on XP Pro, and recently found it also works on Vista.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnWPB View Post
    BlueZX3 turned me on . . . . some time ago. .

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